Proof of Work is Killing the Environment to Create a Regulatory Loophole for Scams and Frauds

Crypto pundits’ efforts to defend Proof of Work, despite the financial absurdity of paying millions of dollars per day to perform a few transactions, and the resulting environmental calamity, are second to none. The reason why PoW is the hill where the crypto industry is ready to die on, is that PoW is the foundation […]

How regulation empowers crypto exchanges to facilitate money laundering

Crypto exchanges are regulated entities. This is shown as proof of trustworthiness by the crypto industry. However, the regulations to which crypto exchanges have to comply are completely outdated and inadequate. In the United States, crypto exchanges have to register with the FinCEN as “money transmitters”. It’s a category within the Money Services Business (MSB) […]

Nvidia’s Wild Ride On The Crypto Rollercoaster

Nvidia ($NVDA) was the top performing stock in the S&P500 index in 2016, rallying a whopping 227%. 2015 and 2017 weren’t bad either, as the stock went up by 66% and 82%, respectively. The story of Nvidia’s amazing rise, and subsequent fall, is a tale of wishful thinking, unintended consequences, and, of course, cryptocurrency mining.

6 Reasons Why Bitcoin Will Go Back Up

Enough with the pessimism. Bitcoin is down 80% from all time highs, we get it. So what? It has happened so many times before, and will happen again. You can’t have outsized returns without outsized volatility. We’re still on track for $1,000,000 by 2022, as I predicted in mid-2018, and here are the reasons for […]