I’ve taken down this post after a complaint has been filed with my hosting service

You can find its contents on my Medium account, and judge by yourself I am indeed “systematically harassing executives and employees of the company Tether and Bitfinex”. While I disagreed with Tether’s request (I presume it was them), I don’t have the time to play these games (they obviously do).

USDT’s Endgame and Life After Tether

Tether’s days are counted - whether by natural implosion, or as a result of regulatory action, the stablecoin funding a wide array of offshore crypto activity will go the way of the dodo. As is customary in the world of crypto, retail holders will pick up the tab. Offshore traders and DeFi yield farmers will […]

USDT Is Just A Fancy Venezuelan Bolivar

We already had one instance of Bitcoin being artificially manipulated upwards, in 2013, and most people who bought in got screwed. At the time, the fraud was happening on MtGox, an exchange that was processing over half of all trading volume, and was in a position to manipulate the market. Today, over 70% of Bitcoin […]

Tether: Unchained Credit on the Blockchain

Peter McCormack’s podcast with Paolo Ardoino and Stuart Hoegner from Tether/Bitfinex did shed some light on Tether’s operations. Stuart Hoegner, the general counsel, answered most of the questions. Given his position, the devil wasn’t in what he said, but how he said it. Overall, it was a performance of deflecting questions, making legally true statements, […]