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Finding the Holy Hash for a new block was a mostly elusive endeavour, one that only a few Satoshi Monks would achieve during their lifetime. Recruits were taught that even dreaming of finding the Holy (...)
Satoshi Monasteries sprung up, all over the world, where Satoshi Monks would accept new recruits, and train them to the art of SHA-256 computation. Pigeon masters would train and breed pigeons, for th (...)
A Sacred Hard Fork had to be performed, to bring down the difficulty of the Bitcoin Network from fifty trillion hashes per second to two hashes per day, and increase the time between blocks from ten m (...)
The Monks would calculate hashes by hand, and propagate new blocks throughout the world using carrier pigeons. The First Satoshi Miracle was the discovery of a copy of the Bitcoin blockchain printed o (...)
The radioactive bomb craters hadn't cooled yet, when true Bitcoiners started gathering up in small groups, all over the world, and devised a strategy to continue their mining endeavour. With computers (...)
Some say everything changed after the nuclear apocalypse. Weaklings complain about the lack of medicine, electricity, supermarkets. They long the days when they didn't have to walk, or manufacture the (...)